Software Consulting Experience

02/2005-11/2012 International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, Austria

SharePoint 2010 - Worked on the design, implementation and testing of a SharePoint Website.

Using IAEA security guidelines and the OWASP top 10 document for web application security the following Joint FAO/IAEA Programme websites were implemented in NUCLEUS using ASP.NET 4.0, C#, VS 2010 and SQL Server 2005. The systems are:

International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization (IDIDAS ) including the Generic Irradiation Doses - CRP system. IDIDAS provides information on the doses of radiation used in the control of pest insects and mites of agricultural, commercial or quarantine significance.

World-Wide Directory of SIT Facilities ( DIRSIT) including the Cryptic Species Complexes - CRP system. DIR-SIT has been established with the objective of aiding the retrieval of information on worldwide mass rearing facilities of sterile pest insects and parasitoids for purposes of using them as part of an area-wide integrated pest management through the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility and biological control.

Food Contaminant and Residue Information System (FCRIS). FCRIS is a resource on chemical food contaminants with a focus on Codex food standards/guidelines and reducing the incidence of food trade rejections as a result of chemical contaminants and violative levels of residues.

Food Irradiation Treatment Facilities Database (FITF). A database on facilities for the irradiation of foods intended for human consumption.

Irradiated Food Authorization Database (IFA). A database on country approvals of irradiated foods for human consumption.

2002-2008 FHW, FHWN, FHTW, FHBFI
Vienna, Austria

University of Applied Sciences Lecturer

  • Information Technology Lecturer
  • Software Engineering
  • Java, C#,'C', Object Oriented Programming Web page design, HTML
  • Information Technology Theory, Operating System Principles
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), SCRUM, various classical software project management models
  • Technical and Business English lecturer
  • Technical English for software engineers and technical presentations.
  • Business English - professional presentation skills, meeting and negotiation skills in the global environment


1982-2002 Melnick Incorporated
Chapel Hill, NC

Self Employed Computer Software Consultant
20 year history of Software design and Implementation.


2002-2003 Melnick Incorporated
Vienna, Austria

Senior Architect and Designer
Design, Implementation and Programming of a production color label system. System is written in Visual Basic. U.S. Patent Pending.


2000-2001 ADP Integrated Medical Solutions
Orlando, FL

Senior Architect and Software Designer
Designed, Coded, and Tested a Web Based Medical Forms Processing System. The system is a 3-tier architecture written in VB 6.0, XML, DOM, ADO, ActiveX Reports and MTS. The system supports IBM DB2 and Oracle 8 Database systems.


1999 Compaq Computer Corporation
Houston, Texas

Independent Software Consultant
Designed, Coded, and Tested an EDI like system, which posted shipment and payment Information. The system is written in Visual Basic and uses ADO to connect to various Oracle Database Servers.


1996-1999 ACS / WTW International
Chapel Hill, NC
Independent Software Consultant

  • Designed, Coded, and Tested a Custom Report Generator for the Bell and Howell Mail Processing Group. The Report Generator is written in Visual Basic, Crystal Reports and Oracle Database Server.
  • Designed, Coded, and Tested a Computer Telephony System for the General Motors Spare Parts Organization. The system is written in C++ on an IBM RS 6000 computer.(Sybase Database System)
  • Designed, Coded, and Tested a Visual Basic Program which tracked reports and sent report messages via email and snmp to a network management system for Exide Electronics. The Visual Basic Program made calls via 'C' and C++ DLL functions to an enterprise application program.
  • Designed, Coded, Implemented, and Tested a Warehouse Truck Routing System for the Harris Teeter Distribution Center. Wrote the requirements document, general design document and detailed design document for the system which is named the HTDS 500.


1978-1981 U.S. Navy
Orlando, FL

Technical Instructor
Taught Mathematics, Physics and Reactor Safety and Principles. Full time Nuclear Power Instructor at U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School.