Recently Published Websites

Using IAEA security guidelines and the OWASP top 10 document for web application security the following Joint FAO/IAEA Programme websites were implemented in NUCLEUS using ASP.NET 4.0, C#, VS 2010 and SQL Server 2005. The systems are:

International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization (IDIDAS ) including the Generic Irradiation Doses - CRP system. IDIDAS provides information on the doses of radiation used in the control of pest insects and mites of agricultural, commercial or quarantine significance. It includes data on both the radiation dose required for the disinfestation of generic commodity groups, fresh and durable, and also the radiation dose used to induce sterility for pest control through the sterile insect technique.

World-Wide Directory of SIT Facilities ( DIRSIT) including the Cryptic Species Complexes - CRP system. DIR-SIT has been established with the objective of aiding the retrieval of information on worldwide mass rearing facilities of sterile pest insects and parasitoids for purposes of using them as part of an area-wide integrated pest management through the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility and biological control. The database compiles information on production capacity, the radiation process, quality control parameters and dosimetry.

Food Contaminant and Residue Information System (FCRIS). FCRIS is a resource on chemical food contaminants with a focus on Codex food standards/guidelines and reducing the incidence of food trade rejections as a result of chemical contaminants and violative levels of residues. FCRIS provides information relating to food contaminants and residues, including chemical and toxicological data on pesticides and veterinary drugs as well as methods of analysis fit for national residue surveillance programs.

Food Irradiation Treatment Facilities Database (FITF). A database on facilities for the irradiation of foods intended for human consumption. The information includes country name, facility contact details, type of irradiator and energy source.

Irradiated Food Authorization Database (IFA). A database on country approvals of irradiated foods for human consumption. The information includes country name, class of food, specific food product, objective of irradiation, date of approval and recommended dose limit.